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This study provides possible indicator species that could be used to look at acidification in the Hastings Estuary and other coastal systems in NSW, but the results may not be relevant to coastal systems without acid sulfate soils. Areas impacted by acid sulfate soils exhibit lower salinity, lower alkalinity, higher concentration of toxic metals, and higher turbidity than areas that are not impacted (Amaral et al.
An acid sulfate soil managed as a pasture soil was collected from south coastal Nowra, New South Wales, Australia (34[degrees]49'S, 150[degrees]39'E).
Husni, "Effects of adding organic materials to an acid sulfate soil on the growth of cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.) seedlings," Science of the Total Environment, vol.
With little room for area expansion, improving the fertility of marginal soils (such as acid sulfate soils) is one of the ways to increase rice production worldwide.
Topics include: vitriols in antiquity, biogeochemistry of acid drainage, the microbiology of acid drainage, sampling design and preparation, acid sulfate soils, acid-base accounting test procedures, kinetic testing, management and assessment of acid drainage data, passive treatment acid mine drainage, resource recovery, and case studies for acid mine drainage.
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Dermatitis, branchitis and mortality in empire gudgeon Hypseleotris compressa exposed naturally to runoff from acid sulfate soils. Dis.