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AABAmerican Academy in Berlin (est. 1994; Berlin, Germany)
AABAcid-Alkaline Balance (health)
AABAlumni Association Board (various schools)
AABAssessment Appeals Board (various locations)
AABAdvanced Automotive Batteries (Oregon House, CA)
AABAntifaschistische Aktion Berlin (German: Anti-Fascist Action Berlin; Berlin, Germany)
AABAssociation of Applied Biologists (UK)
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AABAll-to-All Broadcast
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AABAIDS Action Baltimore (Baltimore, MD)
AABAdvise and Assist Brigade (US DoD)
AABAteliers d'Artistes de Belleville (French: Belgian Association of Antique Dealers; Belgium)
AABAssociates Advisory Board (Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles; Los Angeles, CA)
AABAviano Air Base (Italy)
AABAll About Bikes (magazine)
AABAdministrative Appeals Board
AABAutomatic Alternative Billing
AABAircraft Accident Board
AABAgence Africaine de Biotechnologie (French: African Agency of Biotechnology)
AABAir Assault Brigade (UK)
AABAnti-Aircraft Battery
AABAboriginal Affairs Branch (Canadian Ministry of Forests)
AABAir Assault Badge
AABAlliance Agricole Belge (Belgian Agricultural Alliance)
AABAssociate of the Association of Bookeepers (UK)
AABAdult Antisocial Behavior
AABAuto Answer Back
AABAviation Armament Bulletin
AABAsian American Brotherhood
AABAssociation Autistes Besançon (French: Besancon Autism Association)
AABAsociación de Amigos del Bosque (Association of Friends of the Forest, Guatemala)
AABArmy Aviation Board
AABAdaptive Angle Bias
AABAssociation Agir Contre le Bégaiement (French: Action Against Stuttering Association)
AABArena e Arsimit Bashkëkohor (Albanian University, Kosova)
AABAuditory Attentional Blink
AABAdaptive Antenna Block
AABAcquisition Accession Board
AABAnti-Aircraft Balloon
AABApplication Architecture Blueprint (Sprint)
AABActivities Association of Bermuda (senior citizens)
AABAverage Available Bandwidth
AABArtichoke Advisory Board
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USPRwire, Sun Nov 15 2015] The respiratory system of the body plays a vital role in eliminating carbon dioxide and toxic wastes, regulates the temperature, and establishes a stabilized blood acid-alkaline balance.
Alkalizing agents avoid a buildup of acid in the body and taxing the kidneys, which maintain the acid-alkaline balance.
What this means is that it's natural water, infused with fulvic trace minerals, which claims to boost energy, restore acid-alkaline balance in the body, and aids absorption of nutrients with its high electrolyte and antioxidant content, while being completely free of sugar, carbs and caffeine.
Soaps, deodorants and anything perfumed or antiseptic can all disturb the natural acid-alkaline balance of the vagina.
Everyday, our kidneys filter and clean around 200 litres of blood, as well as help control blood pressure, produce red blood cells and maintain the body's acid-alkaline balance, so they are vitally important to our health and well-being," he said.
Acid-alkaline balance and its effect on bone health.
The high levels of water, potassium, and natural sodium in celery help maintain electrolyte balance, and the minerals in celery help normalize the acid-alkaline balance in the body, counteracting excess acidity brought on by stress.
Turns out, when fruits and veggies comprise the majority of our diet, they create an optimal, energetic blood acid-alkaline balance.
Carrots nourish the system and aid in the maintenance of acid-alkaline balance of the body.
Surprisingly, acidic foods like tomatoes, oranges, and grapefruit actually leave an alkaline residue and help maintain an acid-alkaline balance.
Are John's responses to winter's end merely poetic expectations of a springtime romance, or has the acid-alkaline balance of his body shifted to a higher blood acidity determined by change of weather?