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ACKAmar Chitra Katha (Indian entertainment company)
ACKAkademickie Centrum Kultury (Polish: Academic Center for Culture; Lublin, Poland)
ACKArbeitsgemeinschaft Christlicher Kirchen (German: Council of Christian Churches)
ACKAutomatic Color Killer
ACKAc Adaptor Kit
ACKAudio Connection Kit
ACKAcknowledgement Packet
ACKAcknowledge Character
ACKAnglican Church of Kenya
ACKAmsterdam Compiler Kit
ACKNantucket, MA, USA (Airport Code)
ACKAssistant Cook (US DoD)
ACKAccounting Control Key
ACKAmerica's Career Kit (US Department of Labor)
ACKAircraftkiller (gaming)
ACKAcknowledged Signal (mobile radio communication system)
ACKAnti-Capitalist Kananaskis (counter G8 movement)
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It is because of transmissions and receptions of acknowledgement packets, ACKs, in CCDC-ACK.
Collisions can also be produced between the TCP data packets and their TCP acknowledgement packets.
For this reason, even for the case where the nodes are mobiles, the probability of collision between TCP data packets and TCP acknowledgement packets is reduced, and then throughput and the end-to-end delay parameters are improved.
Step 4: The destination node feeds back the acknowledgement packets composed of the selected path information to the transmitter node through the selected paths.
In ARQ, for a significant packet loss hop, hop-by-hop negative acknowledgement packets will increasingly aggravate link quality of the current hop.