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ACLAAll China Lawyers Association (China)
ACLAAmerican Comparative Literature Association (Austin, TX)
ACLAAutocad Learning Assistance
ACLAAmerican Coalition of Life Activists (anti-abortion group)
ACLAAssociation Canadienne de Linguistique Appliquée (French: Canadian Association of Applied Linguistics)
ACLAAutomobile Claim Law Associate (insurance)
ACLAAsociación Civil Los Algarrobos (Spanish: Algarrobos Civil Partnership; Argentina)
ACLAAsian Canadian Labour Alliance
ACLAAssociate Commissioner for Legislative Affairs
ACLAApartment Council of Louisiana
ACLAAustralian Council of Livestock Agents
ACLAAttach-to-Close Locator Algorithm
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ACLA representatives stressed that the organization continues to support modernizing the CLFS under PAMA, assuming the process would be based on the clear direction of Congress to establish a Medicare payment system based on the collection of private payor rates across the wide spectrum of the clinical laboratory community.
Country lifers were a public resisting the immediate exclusion of participatory and economic parity, yet also actively involved in preventing the educational exclusion that would permanently transform the ACLA from a satellite public to a counterpublic.
2 La segunda opcion se construyo teniendo en cuenta la evidencia de la revision sistematica de Karner y Cates (16) en la cual al adicionar a la terapia con ACLA la combinacion BALA+EI, se demostraba beneficio en la mejoria de la obstruccion bronquial (DM 0.
This statement is unprecedented for an official pronouncement from any ACLA authority, for it is tantamount to recognizing translation as an equal partner.
ACLA, for example, has worked on urban-planning projects in China and Vietnam, and has been hired by Rakeen Development for Gateway City in Ras Al Khaimah.
Thus, because the specific speech punished in Paladin and ACLA did
Ajman's Escape equestrian community has appointed Hyder ACLA as the Master Planner, De Leeuw Middle East as project quantity surveyors, and Hyder Consulting as consultants for infrastructure of the 8.
Chief executive Tim Wade said, 'I am delighted to announce the acquisition of ACLA, which will increase our critical mass in Asia and boost our growth in China.
2 (Gryllidae, Phalangopsinae) fueron los taxones mas abundantes en las cinco altitudes y en los tres muestreos; junto con Acla sp.
In testimony before the panel, ACLA President Alan Mertz said the action is needed to standardize requirements found in different states and to reassure health care providers.
In testimony before the panel, ACLA President Man Mertz said the action is needed to standardize requirements found in different states and to reassure health care providers.
In stark contrast to the first summit of the Americas under President Bill Clinton in Miami in 1994, when thirty-four Western hemisphere chiefs of state (only Cuba was not included) voted to create the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas (ACLA), at a summit in Mar del Plata in Uruguay on November 4, 2005, twenty-nine hemispheric countries continued to support ACLA.