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ACOSArc Cosine (Inverse Cosine)
ACOSAmerican College of Surgeons
ACOSAsthma-COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) Overlap Syndrome
ACOSAssistant Chief of Staff (also seen as A/COS)
ACOSAdvanced Core Operating System
ACOSAssociate Chief of Staff
ACOSArc Cosine
ACOSAmerican College of Osteopathic Surgeons
ACOSAdvisory Committee on Safety (IEC)
ACOSA Change of Seasons (Dream Theater album)
ACOSA Crown of Swords (Wheel of Time; book 7)
ACOSAir and Space Communications Operations Squadron (US Air Force)
ACOSAustralian Chamber Of Shipping
ACOSAssociazione Cattolica Operatori Sanitari (Italian: Catholic Association of Medics and Paramedics)
ACOSAnti-Capitalist Operating System
ACOSAircraft Certification Office Subsystem
ACOSAutomatic Change-Over Switch
ACOSAutomated Commissary Operations System
ACOSAdaptive Cognitive Orthosis Shell
ACOSACCS Common Operating System
ACOSArmy Common Operating System
ACOSAt Change of Shift
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We draw on data from a convenience sample of 16 ACOs located in 12 states that involved contracts between an insurance plan and groups of primary care physicians (i.
In new metrics captured by the 2017 ACO survey, one-third of responding ACOs include behavioral health providers, and 26 percent of responding ACOs cover more than 100,000 lives.
Today, more than 800 ACOs cover an estimated 28 million Americans, a figure that some expect to quadruple over the next five years.
The agency noted that another 83 ACOs in the Shared Savings Program and two Pioneer ACOs generated savings in 2015 but did not qualify for bonus payments.
Performance measurement as conceived under program models simply does not occur frequently enough to afford ACOs actionable insight into areas where improvement is needed.
She called for the government to assure hospitals they can be in ACOs without suffering from "the catastrophic loss of their tax-exempt status.
Are ACOs really the health care delivery sea change that the world was promised by PPACA, or are they a flash in the pan?
In December 2014, CMS published a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking governing CMS ACOs.
ACOs that looked for reinsurance "told us that it is difficult to obtain reinsurance, in part, because of insurers' lack of experience with the shared savings program and the ACO model, and because shared savings program ACOs take on performance-based risk rather than insurance risk," officials say.
18 per ACO beneficiary per month--about $105 million less in cost increases incurred by the Pioneer ACOs.
ACOs -- federally chartered networks of doctors and hospitals that share responsibility for patient care, starting with seniors -- were created as a tool for slowing Medicare spending.
Farber notes that the key differences are that ACOs are led by providers, not insurance companies, and that ACOs take a proactive approach to care coordination.