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ACOMMSAcoustic Communications (Navy terminology; analog or digital underwater communication usually using modulated acoustic energy)
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Nautronix, founded in Perth, Western Australia, in 1983, specialises in digital acoustic communications and positioning systems for the global offshore oil and gas industry.
The subsea sector remains a major market for Proserv Leading controls technology company Proserv, with a presence in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the UAE and a key facility in Dammam in Saudi Arabia, has announced the sale of its through-water digital acoustic communications and positioning systems business, Nautronix, to Imenco, a Norwegian supplier of subsea electronic and mechanical products.
(2011) OFDMA for Underwater Acoustic Communications. 47th Annual A lerton Conference, Monticello, 28-30 September 2011, 633-638.
However, acoustic communications become more difficult the deeper the depth.
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Back on Banks Island, Koski and Kemp waited to test the new acoustic communications system as poor weather canceled takeoffs and research teams stacked up waiting for flights.
Underwater acoustic communications are severely affected by multipath propagation, which arises from sound reflections from the water surface, bottom and other objects, and sound refraction caused by sound speed variations with depth and temperature in the water.
Current underwater acoustic communications technologies suffer from serious challenges such as susceptibility to environmental noise and require expensive signal processing to deal with the multipath acoustic channel [30].
The company will leverage its expertise and capabilities in signal processing, acoustic communications, interference cancellation, and anti-jam/anti-spoof technologies for the program.