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Jing, "Asymmetric acoustic transmission through near-zero-index and gradient-index metasurfaces," Applied Physics Letters, vol.
where [tau] is the acoustic transmission coefficient and [[PI]] and [[PI].sub.rad] are, respectively, the incident and the radiated power, [W],
Chen, "Acoustic transmission analysis of multi-layer absorbers," Journal of Sound and Vibration, vol.
acoustic transmission transient behaviors along the drillstring can be analyzed.
When selecting a couplant for use during an AE measurement or monitoring application, a number of factors need to be considered, of which acoustic transmission is just one.
GB266WG is also said to decrease thermal and acoustic transmission, minimizing the need for separate insulation materials.
The first 20 contributions are presented under the heading General Aspects of Insect Sounds and explore such topics as sense organs involved in the vibratory communication of bugs, use of substrate vibrations for orientation, size-frequency relationships in insect vibratory signals, acoustic signals and temperature, song evolution and speciation in bushcrickets, inheritance of male sound characteristics in Drosophila species, vibratory communication and mate searching behavior in stoneflies, partitioning of acoustic transmission channels in grasshopper communities, acoustic evolutionary divergence in cicadas, and mutual eavesdropping through vibrations in a host- parasitoid interaction.
The 0.040-inch-thick panels on the Fels dome exhibit a 23 percent void ratio--determined by balancing the acoustic transmission needs against the material necessary to reflect sufficient light back to the audience.
The goal of this testing was to determine the acoustic transmission losses and insertion losses of different wood and concrete barriers.
Considering the gold electrodes as acoustic transmission lines, as shown in Figure 1, it was calculated that a halfware thickness should also be used to achieve a good conversion factor along with a sufficiently large bandwidth.
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