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* Give more acquisition authority to the US Cyber Command;
(21) "USAF Chief Wants Space Acquisition Authority to 'Migrate Back' to the Service," Defense Daily, February 24, 2009.
Under JFCOM's limited acquisition authority, the 2,000-pound version probably will be fielded to warfighters first.
811, Rapid Acquisition Authority to Respond to Combat Emergencies, provides that if the secretary of defense makes a determination that that equipment is urgently needed to eliminate a combat capability deficiency that has resulted in combat fatalities, the secretary shall designate a senior DOD official to ensure that needed equipment is acquired and deployed as quickly as possible, with a goal of awarding a contract for the needed equipment's acquisition within 15 days from the secretary's determination.
Acquisition authority for the NRO comes from the Director, Central Intelligence (DCI) and is delegated to the Director, NRO, who subsequently delegates the authority to the NRO Director of Contracts.
A senior Defense official, speaking on background, said that the operational change would require an increase in headquarters staff to accommodate the expanded planning requirement and to handle an increased acquisition authority for items of particular interest to.
The recently passed bill provides the Homeland Security Department "Other Transaction" authority; the authority to procure temporary personal services contracts; and special streamlined acquisition authority, including increased micro-purchase and simplified acquisition thresholds, and broad "commercial item" treatment.
In this same vein, Congress has endowed the Secretary of Defense with Rapid Acquisition Authority (RAA) to waive certain provisions of law, policy, directive or regulation to address any combat capability gap that has resulted, or is likely to result, in combat casualties.
In the area of authority and accountability, the report recommends restoring the time-honored principles of the Packard Commission by providing broad authority to acquisition decision makers, clarifying and shortening their chains of command, centralizing acquisition authority and responsibility, and holding those responsible, accountable.
Recommendation: To better inform DOD personnel of the options for acquiring capabilities to meet warfighters' needs, the Secretary of Defense should amend DOD Directive 5000.01 and DOD Instruction 5000.02 to reflect that officials responsible for acquisition of urgently needed equipment may need to consider using joint urgent processes, including rapid acquisition authority.
Contents Background DNI Calls For Stronger, Clearer Authorities Congressional Intelligence Committees Adopt Different Approaches; House Committee Criticizes DNI Senate Intelligence Committee Approves New DNI Authorities House Intelligence Committee Approves Fewer New DNI Authorities Intelligence Conferees Adopt Several New DNI Authorities 2004 Intelligence Reform Act Strengthens DNI Authorities Budget Authority Transfer and Reprogramming Authority Personnel Transfer Authority Appointment Authority Acquisition Authority Tasking Authority Authority Over National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) Potential Congressional Concerns Background
The National Defense Authorization Act of 2004 granted JFCOM limited acquisition authority (LAA), subject to delegation by the Secretary of Defense.
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