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Combining (5) and (7) tells the minimum acquisition number
And more seriously, due to the limited acquisition number in SAR tomography, it is sometimes impossible to satisfy these conditions (e.g., RIP).
Performance in the Case with Reduced Acquisition Number
When the acquisition number is limited, a small sensor separation will produce poor super resolving ability, while a large sensor separation may bring serious sidelobe problem.
Hence, for a practical system which wants to achieve a desired resolution with limited acquisition number and without serious sidelobe problem, nonuniform sensor geometry is a good choice, and it can be designed as follows: we first design a uniform sensor array up to our requirement, and then nonuniformly extract some sensors to form the required sensor geometry.
Monte Carlo Simulations show that when the acquisition number M = 10, SNR = 15dB, two scatterers with [DELTA]s = 0.3[[rho].sub.e] can be resolved with high probability.
* Rule of Acquisition Number 62: The riskier the road, the greater the profit.
* Rule of Acquisition Number 218: Always know what you're buying.
Rule of Acquisition Number 287: You're the program manager.
Commit yourself to making the statement of work a quality product (and remember Rule of Acquisition Number 8: Small print leads to large risk.) The statement is your best tool to define the bounds of the program, and it will live on long after you have moved on to the next star system.
Remember Rule of Acquisition Number 262: A verbal contract isn't worth the paper it's printed on.
By analyzing acquisition numbers, shelfmarks, performance notations and other characteristics of Friedrich Wilhelm II of Prussia's Konigliche Hausbibliothek collection, she was able to correct mistakes in earlier catalogues and to establish an extensive picture of the everyday practices around the collection, beautifully showing how bibliographic work and historiography intertwines.
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