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ATÜAastane Tööühik (Estonian)
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Felicity shares her sister's passion for science and zany adventures as she takes over driving the students on trips across the universe to learn about the world we live in, ultimately bringing us all closer together.
Like a stone thrown in a pond, the ripples from the explosion fanned out across the universe.
Destiny 2 takes players on an epic journey across the universe to defend humanity from annihilation.
The two black holes themselves may eventually merge in an event that would produce gravitational waves that ripple across the universe.
The 202-seat aircraft, named Across the Universe and decorated with the famous John Lennon doodle, left, was operated by airline Flyglobespan.
We have many great fashion designers, and I am hopeful that through the Miss Universe Pageant, our fashion creativity will be appreciated across the universe.
Under the title "JASTA and Weakening of Sovereign Immunity," Al-Sharq wrote that the Saudi Council of Ministers confirmed yesterday in its weekly regular session that the US Congress' approval of JASTA is a source of concern to the international community in which relations are based on the principle of equality and sovereign immunity, as this law came to weaken the immunity of the world guaranteed by the United Nations, its agencies and councils which were formed to preserve the legal sovereignty of all its member countries across the universe.
Devoid of inspiration there's no use In sitting down to write a poem or verse, You might as well set out to train a goose To carry you across the universe.
FANS from across the universe teleported into a holiday camp for a stellar science fiction convention over the weekend.
Gott's vision has since been vindicated as telescopes have revealed that galactic superclusters and filaments indeed link together in a web stretching across the universe.
Scrat is back to chase more acorns across the universe in the recently posted trailer of the upcoming movie Ice Age: Collision Course which introduces viewers to the latest atmosphere that the Ice Age stars will be exploring.
As his plot unfolds, the ripples of his actions are felt across the universe in what seems to be an unstoppable chain of cause and effect.