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In childhood stage, acrylic removable partial denture (RPD) can be fabricated, RPD will provide esthetic and improvement in swallowing and speech.
Among those 15 patients, acrylic removable partial dentures were fabricated for 11 patients while CPD were fabricated for four patients in whom precision attachment was provided to one patient as well.
Patient was given an acrylic removable partial denture.
Results of the present study showed that patient's awareness was 45% for fixed partial denture, 26% for acrylic removable partial denture, 17% for cast partial denture and only 4% for implants.
The study was conducted to observe quality of life in pediatric patients provided with acrylic removable partial denture visiting Hamdard University Dental Hospital Karachi.
Different treatment options were discussed with the patients and their parents and finally it was decided to fabricate acrylic removable partial denture for all such patients.
In our study among the denture wearers, 44% participants were having acrylic removable partial dentures with substantial amount of palatal coverage, while 56% participants were using conventional complete dentures.
Patients having cast partial dentures presented with less complaints than acrylic removable partial dentures.
Hence the authors have devised a technique to utilize zinc oxide eugenol paste and irreversible hydrocolloid si multaneously for impression of distal extension acrylic removable partial dentures.