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ACT2Advanced Customer Technology Test
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THEN act1: Alert := FALSE act2: locationof(aircraft) := loc END 5.
The three cluster ensemble methods all get the perfect partition for synthetic data set, whereas our method is more accurate than the other two methods for ACT2 data set.
The airport operated smoothly during the building of ACT3, which is next to ACT2. Construction of the new parking garage, with 1,200 spaces, 800 under cover, was a different matter.
Situation 2: When the interoperating actors Actl and Act2 don't agree on the same ontologies: This means that each actor use its proper ontology.
For two participants (CT1 and ERP2), PF and CR were endorsed as being utilized equally, and for the remaining two participants (ACT 2 and CT2) PF was endorsed as being utilized more than CR, with one participant (ACT2) endorsing EX as being utilized more than PF and CR, and the other (CT2) endorsing EX as being utilized less.
In a PBS activity ( act2.html), students will collaboratively use computer resources to illuminate how evolution affects each of us in our daily lives.
Another project, dubbed act2', hopes to demonstrate that it is feasible to reduce energy used for heating by 50% over the next twenty years.
Consensus primers Beg9 and End9 were used in a first-round PCR (30 cycles) to amplify the full-length VP7 gene (1,062 bp); cDNA was used in a second-round PCR for G typing (25 cycles) with primer set aBT1 (G1), aCT2 (G2), aET3 (G3), aDT4 (G4), aFT9 (G9) and primer set FT5 (G5), DT6 (G6), HT8 (G8), ET10 (G10), BT11 (G11) (18,19).
The sequence of primers as follows: B-MDIEA-NAT1, 5'-CACCCGGATCCGGGATCATGGACATTGAAGC-3', nt 435-454, GenBank accession number X17059; VPKHGD-X-NAT1, 5'-GGTCCTCGAGTCAATCACCATGTTTGGGCAC-3', nt 1295-1278, GenBank accession number X17059; FP1-NAT2, 5'-CTAGTTCCTGGTTGCTGGCC-3', nt 79-98, GenBank accession number NM-000015; RP1-NAT2, 5'-TAACGTGAGGGTAGAGAGGA-3', nt 1073-1054, GenBank accession number NM-000015; Act b1, 5'-GCTCGTCGTCGACAACGGCTC-3', nt 94-114, GenBank accession number NM-001101; Act2 b2, 5'-CAAACATGATCTGGGTCATCTTCTC-3', nt 446-422, GenBank accession number NM-001101 (Blum et al., 1990; Ebisawa and Deguchi, 1991; Ponte et al., 1984; Chiu et al., 2003) [30-32].