ACTechAlternative Construction Technologies, Inc
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With ACCY's ACTech Panel as the foundation, the company said the Future of Building Institute intends to combine integrated solar electric and solar thermal systems, wind generators, high efficiency lighting and several off-the-shelf products to achieve total building solutions "with significant economic benefits.
She continued, "For Moldflow, it further validates our position as the leading provider of injection molding simulation software and we look forward to supporting ACTECH and their customers who are involved in the design and manufacture of plastic parts.
ACTECH develops products for the energy, transportation, aeronautical, infrastructure and telecommunication sectors.
For more information about ACTECH, please visit www.
This, however, is not the case for ACTech, a firm based in Freiberg, Germany, that specializes in delivering low-volume prototype parts to customers with leadtimes of two weeks (and sometimes less).
In the automotive industry, OEMs usually need one or two cylinder heads for road tests," said Thomas Becket, sales manager at ACTech.
ACTech emerged in the European market in 1995 and now has 300 customers in 20 countries.
Many of the parts ACTech produces can be done in less than two weeks.
This gives them the chance to work with us without losing jobs to us, One of the advantages of what ACTech is giving to the foundry industry is we are a tool for engineers to develop complex castings, meaning more work for foundries by wining back market share for the industry.
Since 1998, ACTech has operated a facility that melts 735 kg/hr, utilizing six furnaces with 950 kg total melting capacity.
ACTech Rapid Castings, a foundry and service bureau located in Freiberg, Germany, was asked to deliver 5 sets (each consisting of a smaller casting weighing 17 kg and a larger weighing 50 kg) of fully functional prototype gearbox housing castings for a marine diesel engine in a leadtime of 5 weeks.