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ABPAssociated British Ports
ABPAmerican Board of Pediatrics
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ABPAu Bon Pain (franchise restaurant)
ABPAmbulatory Blood Pressure
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ABPAmerican Border Patrol
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ABPActin-Binding Protein
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ABPAgence Bretagne Presse (French: Britain Press Agency)
ABPAndrogen-Binding Protein
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ABPAlianza Bravo Pueblo (Alliance of Brave People; Venezuela)
ABPArea Based Planning (various locations)
ABPAlternating Bit Protocol
ABPAllgemeines Bauaufsichtliches Prüfzeugnis (German)
ABPAtelier du Bracelet Parisien (French watch band and belt company)
ABPAssociação Brasileira de Psicanálise (Brazil)
ABPAmerican Board of Periodontology
ABPAtlantic Beef Products (Albany, Prince Edward Island, Canada)
ABPAnnual Business Plan
ABPAlabama Blues Project (Northport, AL)
ABPAmerican Board of Prosthodontics
ABPAddress Book Provider
ABPAntigen-Binding Protein
ABPActive Black Panel (Sony Mobile)
ABPAmerican Brilliant Period (cut glass; 1876-1914)
ABPAll Bills Paid (property rental advertising)
ABPArchitectural Building Products (company)
ABPAlready Been Posted
ABPActivity Based Pricing
ABPAfghan Border Patrol
ABPAgricultural By-Product
ABPActual Block Processor
ABPAble Bodied Passenger (aka Able Bodied Person; aircraft exit row seating assessment)
ABPAgriculture Biologique en Picardie (French: Farming in Picardy; organic farming association; France)
ABPAssociation Belge des Podologues
ABPAir Battle Plan
ABPAlternate Bipolar
ABPAdaptive Belief Propagation
ABPAmerican Business Press, Inc.
ABPAdjustable Bolted Propeller
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ABPAkademie der Bayerischen Presse eV
ABPAssociation de Biologie Praticienne (French biologists' association)
ABPAssociated Branch Pilots
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ABPASP.NET (Active Server Pages Network Enabled Technology) Boilerplate (web application framework)
ABPAnswer Back Procedures
ABPAdaptive Back Pressure
ABPAlternative Bit Protocol
ABPAdvention Business Partners (Paris, France)
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The actin-binding protein Capulet genetically interacts with the microtubule motor kinesin to maintain neuronal dendrite homeostasis.
The actin-binding protein, actinin alpha 4 (ACTN4), is a nuclear receptor coactivator that promotes proliferation of MCF-7 breast cancer cells.
Actin-binding proteins involved in Ca inhibition of Physarum
An intracellular and secreted [Ca.sup.2+]-dependent actin-binding protein enriched in mononuclear phagocytes.
They also contain actin filaments [22], together with actin-binding proteins [4, 23, 24].
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actin-binding proteins, such as vinculin and a-catenin, but also by
Plastins are actin-binding proteins that crosslink filamentous actin into compact ordered bundles presenting in different cytoskeletal processes [23].
Small GTPases of the Rho family (Rho, Rac, and CDC42) play a central role in the regulation of actin-binding proteins, cytoskeleton dynamics, and cell motility [59].
Objective: In embryonic cells, actomyosin forms a cortical reticulated gel that turns over rapidly, is weakly organized, and is composed of a variety of structures, with distinct architectures and dynamics, which are nucleated and elongated by different factors, and bind to specific sets of actin-binding proteins that modulate their dynamics.