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But the figure 15 (2000 W and 5000 mm/min) shows even two points outside of upper action limit and one above the upper warning limit, figure 16 (2000 W and 5500 mm/min) shows three points above the upper warning limit (two of them consecutive), and figure 17 (2000 W and 6000 mm/min) shows one point above the upper action limit and one point below the lower warning limits, thus all three relate to the processes that are not in control.
A child can visit the nearest branch with requisite documents and action limit of ` 2 lakh per annum while one without guardian consent has a debit transaction limit of ` 50,000 per annum.
Inhibitory effects at VICH phase I action limits. Potentially affected fractions at the VICH phase I aquatic action limit suggest that the action limit is protective of major inhibitory effects on bacteria by all three antibiotics (Figure 4), although a minority of sensitive individuals could be inhibited in up to 12% of genera (i.e., upper 95% CI in ciprofloxacin NOEC species sensitivity distribution) (Table 2).
One of six personal breathing zone air samples for lead exceeded the Occupational Safety and Health Administration action limit (OSHA AL) of 30 micrograms per cubic meter ([mu]g/[m.sup.3]) and was close to the OSHA permissible exposure limit of 50 [micro]g/[m.sup.3].
The Post also reported that New York City withheld test results from regulators that would have raised lead levels above the action limit. That disclosure prompted a state crackdown on New York City and a criminal investigation by the U.S.
NSF also has established the lead action limit for point-of-use products (faucets) and in-line mechanical devices at 15 ppb.
Mean mercury level was above the FDA action limit (1.0 [micro]g/g) at Station 11, and individual samples above the action limit were collected at Stations 12 and 15.
If indoor radon levels prove worrisome - well above EPA's 4-picocuries-per-liter action limit - Kearfott recommends considering a more drastic measure: lining the ducts with a gasimpermeable sleeve.
These results meet the US FDA action limit of 0.5 ppb (500 ppt).
On the low end, most practices believe providers should take note when random glucose goes below the action limit for fasting glucose--which is why 70 mg/dL on the low end is probably reasonable.
Angela Torrance, of Archers Solicitors, said: "Vibration White Finger, is a widespread hazard, with over one million UK workers exposed to vibration over the Health and Safety Executive action limit.