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ACTION NEEDED: More should be done to combat knife crime
It added rate action needed to be taken to see off the threat of inflation.
Until there is complete transparency on this issue the urgent action needed to save lives and scarce resources will never happen.
They instead support a science of improvement research and introduce the idea of a networked improvement community that creates the purposeful collective action needed to solve complex educational problems.
This is part of the action needed to tackle the upsurge in knife attacks across the capital, he claimed.
South Tyneside Council's decision-making cabinet backed the findings of consultants over action needed to tackle the problem at Trow Quarry in South Shields.
Even some environmental organisations continue to use these terms, perhaps from fear of frightening the horses, but they militate against the serious, radical action needed if our planet home is to remain habitable.
Features include the ability to quickly change combinations, easy installation on either wood or metal, no electrical wiring or other action needed for reprogramming, and nonhanded operation.
Building on these new rules, the workshop will address the additional action needed to tackle the various technical, educational and enforcement facets of spam.
The GAO report, "Management Action Needed to Reduce Billions in Adjustments to Contract Payment Records," documented the longstanding problems with DOD's payment procedures.
The strategies have been s et up to halt the rise in obesity by outlining the action needed to improve the eating habits of Wirral residents through advice and information.
Reporting to Congress on the taxpayer problems found, what the IRS is doing to correct them and the legislative action needed (if any) to resolve the problems.