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A/TAnytime (Minutes, Virgin Mobile USA)
A/TAutomatic Transmission
A/TAction Time
A/TAssembly and Test
A/TAssist to Turnover Ratio (basketball statistic)
A/TAlong Trace
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* in the integral (averaging over the action time and the spatial variable), the ISAS examined over its entire area provides a magnetic-pulse attraction with force [mathematical expression not reproducible].
It is essential to readjust the sequence and action time of voltage vectors.
Our previous study confirmed that the change of cytoskeleton in nucleus pulposus was correlated with the intensity and action time of fluid shear stress.
The damage of a reticulated shell structure primarily depends on the strength of the inner surface shock waves; the three parameters describing the strength of the shock wave are the peak overpressure value, the action time of the positive pressure zone, and the impulse.
KARACHI -- A stateoftheart command and control surveillance cell has been decided to be established at the Chief Minister House Karachi in order to restrain the action time to five minutes after any incident.
Lap up the action time again with more than 250 races.
Every available outfield player got a half under their belt at Turner's Cross stadium last week and it should be a case of increasing action time gradually.
Supreme Court to review securities class action time limits
PTI has reported citing sources as saying: 'Keeping in view the prevailing economic scenario, we have taken appropriate action time to time to match production with demand.'
ACTION TIME: Above left, judge Evelyn Humphrey with David McBeth.
It begs the question: Is anyone else tired of seeing Fergie's men in action time after time?