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Because of the difference in action time, regular human insulin was injected 30-40 minutes before meals, while VIAject was given immediately before eating.
How those fine words will translate into action time will tell.
Under the headline Action Time, it said: "Colleagues are being urged to help the cash-saving drive by signing up for unpaid work.
Mats Wilander and the delightful Annabel Croft present highlights of the day's action Time of our Lives Sky Sports 1 10pm-11pm.
We've seen this maxim in action time and again, from detergent and miracle creams to diet soda and little blue pills for "erectile dysfunction.
It's lights, camera, action time," said Michael Stone, senior director of retail services, who along with C.
format producer Action Time, says companies should be able to protect rights when they've invested time and money developing them.
The quick actions and elevation of this serious safety hazard resulted in three Immediate Action Time Compliance Technical Orders, which removed the pins from service.
The German tunnel, or sap, was completed on 28 February and, after a reconnaissance by Major Hamilton Gault, it was action time for the Canadians.
At its final meeting September 25 and 26 in Orlando, the committee will complete work on the strategies and tactics and develop an action time line.