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He once worked with a company that toured prisons, performing pieces that highlighted the problems for o'enders' families, on behalf of the Action for Prisoners' Families charity.
Members of the Action for Prisoners' Families (APF) quizzedMPMariaMiller, theShadowMinister forFamilies, at the BotanicalGardens inBirminghamyesterday when the APF held a conference to coincide with their annualmeeting.
Now he's moved to the Midlands, the 20-year-old Londoner is determined to keep up the good work, starting on Thursday when he will spend the afternoon at Edgbaston Cricket Ground handing out certificates on behalf of Action for Prisoners' Families (APF), a charity helping the 160,000 children of parent prisoners.
Lucy Gampell Director, Action for Prisoners' Families
A spokeswoman for the Action for Prisoners' Families said: "Government research has found that maintaining quality family contact has a significant impact on the successful resettlement of, and likelihood of reoffending by, ex-prisoners.
Sarah Salmon, of Action For Prisoners' Families, the national federation of services supporting families of prisoners, said
Campaign group Action for Prisoners' Families was staging the launch outside Pentonville Prison in north London.
It is co-ordinated by Action for Prisoners' Families and the service is provided by other prisoners' families support groups, including Help & Advice for Relatives of Prisoners (HARP), NEPACS Building Bridges, Partners of Prisoners' Support (POPS) and Prisoners' Families and Friends Service (PFFS).
A family prepares for a prison visit, but there are few facilities to welcome them Picture, courtesy of Action for Prisoners' Families
The helpline, organised by Action For Prisoners' Families, is funded by a pounds 300,000 lottery grant and is aimed at giving families of prisoners more information.
Action for Prisoners' Families director Lucy Gampell told how the effect of freezing funds will be "catastrophic" because they only have pounds 25,000 in reserve.
Support group Action for Prisoners' Families have condemned the poster campaign.
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