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A/PAccounts Payable
A/PAssociate Professor
A/PAdvanced Placement (education)
A/PAction Point
A/PArtist's Proof (also seen as AP)
A/PAnatomy and Physiology
A/PArtist's Print
A/PAutomatic Pilot
A/PAssessment & Plan (medical)
A/PAssassin/Paragon (gaming)
A/PAircrew Personnel
A/PAuthorize to Pay
A/PAlert Pending
A/PAcquisition Programmer
A/PAutomatic Phase Controller
A/PAnnuity given a Principal
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Marketing analytics firm Action Point Consulting today announced that it is rebranding to Action Point Analytics.
Then, Sections 3 and 4 describe the comparison results of the three SSMs according to the action point model and asymmetric driving behaviour model, respectively.
Action Point: Fast track some of the digital projects.
The action point was to create a log for 48 hours, recording every time you left home and what you did.
When cutter cutting cobalt-rich crusts, the condition of forming initial crack on cobalt-rich crusts surface is stress of cutter at action point [[sigma].sub.yk] is great than cobalt-rich crusts critical compressive strength [[sigma].sub.yo], that is
The Eco Action Point program allows users to accumulate points whenever they purchase products and services that consider global warming or take part in energy conservation activities, and exchange their accumulated points for various other products and services.
But she has ensured, through amendments, that flooding is mentioned as a key action point in light of 2007 catastrophic floods.
Another action point is `promoting the importance of language skills for business and increasing participation in EU education and training programmes'.
They should remember that they're most likely to get the story from the people who are working at the action point. The reporter who went out for a drink with a few Abu Ghraib prison guards last fall would now be flaming his Pulitzer.
Action Point: Take advice now ( there is still a chance to pay in extra money before the end of the tax year.
A clear record of the discussion or meeting must be circulated to all those present and all those responsible for an action point.
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