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We find that the Flash ActionScript method generates the largest number of packets due to the requirement that the Flash measurement needs to transfer some security access policies for the "sandbox" between the Flash client and the measurement server.
With the enhancement of Flash ActionScript 3.0, four functions--lineStyle(), lineShaderStyle(), lineGradientStyle(), and HneBitmapStyle()--can be used to express different line symbols.
Chapters cover drawing objects, working with symbols and interactivity, creating special effects, preparing and publishing applications, importing and modifying graphics, building complex animations, ActionScript 3.0, adding sound and video, and other topics, with an additional chapter online.
The Actionscript programming language will also be discussed.
All software programs were programmed using Flash 8 with the programming language Actionscript 2.0.
Argument words can be provided in XML or as Actionscript objects.
Still, the leap from programming in easier languages like HTML and Flash's ActionScript to object oriented languages like Objective C or Java was still a considerable one.
Foundation Game Design with ActionScript 3.0, second edition
Day 4 Lesson One--Intro to ActionScript Duck Hunt 1.
Training, testing, and response recordings were controlled by software written by the second author in Microsoft Visual Basic and Adobe ActionScript 2.0 (see Ensley & Kaskosz, 2008, for a discussion and assistive tutorial on graphing mathematical expressions using ActionScript software techniques).