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Even if it was to be demonstrated that the reliability and validity of detecting muscle onsets by observation or palpation were sufficiently acceptable for the test to be used by clinicians in this manner, the actual clinical importance of the activation order a patient uses to achieve PHE is questionable.
"They came to tell them compliance was insufficient and to make very clear that the activation order for Nato air strikes is still in place." There is a dire need to get thousands of Kosovo Albanian refugees out of the mountains and forests and into habitable shelter before the Balkan winter descends.
Ambassadors from the 16-nation military alliance agreed to extend to October 27 the activation order set last Tuesday threatening action against Serb targets if President Milosevic failed to pull his troops and special police units out of the province, a Nato spokesman told reporters.
Nato ambassadors meeting in Brussels to approve the "activation order" for air strikes, agreed to put bombing raids on hold for four days to allow Mr Holbrooke to conclude his negotiations.
Once the activation order is agreed, it will place the international force of 400 warplanes assembled in the region, including eight RAF Harriers, under the command of the Supreme Nato Commander in Europe, Gen Wesley Clark.
President Bill Clinton was said to want the Nato allies to sign an "activation order" by the end of the week, authorising air strikes and putting allied aircraft under central Nato command.
Air Force Reserve Command officials are working diligently to ensure Reservists who are involuntarily mobilized or are on volunteer status tours receive timely activation orders so they can receive the maximum reactivation benefits to which they are entitled.
In a move toward transition of the Army's contingency contracting mission from the Army Contracting Agency to the Army Materiel Command, the Army issued activation orders on 28 July to establish two contingency contracting battalions (CCBs) and 14 contingency contracting teams (CCTs) under AMC's new Army Sustainment Command at Rock Island Arsenal, Illinois.
Finally, the services issue activation orders to units and individuals.
Before her husband received his activation orders, Donna worked nights as a nurse at an alcohol and drug rehabilitation clinic, a workplace she says was lively and interesting.
Activation orders for air strikes have already been given and Nato has repeatedly said it will take ``whatever steps are necessary'' to avert a humanitarian catastrophe.
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