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ACTREQActivation Request
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In other words, when an activation request is issued the system must rapidly find out whether it can be performed or it has to be discarded.
Making use of this information, it coordinates every activation request and local termination acknowledge.
It carries an activation request around the ring looking for an idle worker node.
Execution Elapsed Time (EET) Elapsed time from the moment that the first activation request is issued until the global termination is reached, expressed in seconds.
Request discard ratio (DR) Discarded activation request ratio.
Number of discarded requests (ND) Total number of activation requests that did not activate a worker node.
Number of activation requests (NR) Total number of activation requests managed by the system.
With demand for next-generation wireless data devices and services on the rise, TCS can now take activation requests from its many enterprise customers in several industries.
With this solution, Florida Digital Network has dramatically reduced the order turn-around time for DSL service activation requests.
The solution will interface to the telco's legacy order system and will manage many types of service work orders, including service activation requests, repair work, and complex service work that involves multiple interdependent steps and many technicians for completion.
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