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A/PAccounts Payable
A/PAssociate Professor
A/PAdvanced Placement (education)
A/PAction Point
A/PArtist's Proof (also seen as AP)
A/PAnatomy and Physiology
A/PArtist's Print
A/PAutomatic Pilot
A/PAssessment & Plan (medical)
A/PAssassin/Paragon (gaming)
A/PAircrew Personnel
A/PAuthorize to Pay
A/PAlert Pending
A/PAcquisition Programmer
A/PAutomatic Phase Controller
A/PAnnuity given a Principal
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In concert with the overall growth of Northwestern Mutual's retail investment products and services, the company has also seen a growing use of the active/passive models.
This is very much like what we see in the passive construction; hence the question naturally arises whether the direct/inverse and the active/passive systems should be distinguished or not.
The third is scheduled for September 2004 and will focus on active/passive distributive systems and non-acoustics, according to Ulrich's presentation.
Other men switched roles from "real" men to bichas, sometimes shocking their partners as well as unsettling the medical and legal professionals who assumed the necessity of the active/passive model.
his relation to 'Galenic feminism'; instead, he insists that Spenser like Crooke inconsistently retained in most respects the hierarchical view of the binaries of male/female, form/matter, active/passive.
Governed by the active/passive distinction, Smith's request to die can be honored while Jones' request cannot.
These modern concepts are linked in this medical tract/cookbook to ancient Asian theories of diet, with discussion of topics like yin and yang (opposing yet complementary phenomena such as active/passive, masculine/feminine, etc.
ground station systems and networks / ground station system / microwave and optical active/passive systems
The Active/Passive Barometer found that actively managed funds have generally underperformed their passive counterparts, especially over longer time horizons, and experienced higher mortality rates.
To protect from server failure and increase Exchanges availability, an active/passive Exchange server cluster can be deployed with the Microsoft Cluster Service.
Table 8: Active/Passive Component Distribution by System Subsection.
The Chicago-based research firm says its Active/Passive Barometer -- released every six months -- does not aim to settle the active-passive debate, but it does try to assess "investors' odds of succeeding with active managers across asset classes, periods and fee levels.