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ACT/STBYActive/Standby (Cisco)
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It is also the only battery indicator on the Infinix Quiet X, and the integrated voice prompter only states 'battery low', and not about remaining active/standby charge.
The carrier grade SIP server is clustered in an active/standby configuration with the SAF-based HA middleware consisting of multiple area servers such as AMF (Availability Management Framework), CLM (Cluster Membership Service), CKPT (Checkpoint Service), and MSG (Message Service).
New technologies offer expanded support for AWS and Azure environments, including integration with AWS autoscale to dynamically scale app services, active/standby high availability across availability zones, and added F5 WAF capabilities for Azure Security Center.
- Audio and video greetings, ring back tones, and announcements - Audio and video recording and playback - Audio and video conference mixing, up to HD 720p - Audio and video transcoding - Voice Quality Enhancements (VQE) - Dual Tone Multi Frequency (DTMF) - Multi-Language IVR (>45 languages) - Audio/video forking and tapping for lawful intercept - Active/standby MRF support
LifeKeeper for Linux supports the building of active/active and active/standby data and application high availability configurations of up to 32 nodes using x86, ia64, EM64T and Opteron-based servers from Dell, HP, IBM and others.