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Despite active duty Air Force airlift units converting to jet transport aircraft throughout the late '60s and 70s, the Air National Guard and the Air Force Reserves operated piston driven airlift aircraft long after the end of the Vietnam War (April 1975).
Nevertheless, I do agree with the immersion and cross-pollination aspects--so much so that I would suggest that active duty Air Force officers desiring to acquire AADs be transferred to reserve status, utilize the GI Bill or like funding to earn the degree, and then return to active status.
(19) When the active duty Air Force needs airlift, air refueling, close air support, or many other missions, it calls upon the ANG to lead, assist, or augment.
Parker concluded that the litigation brought by Mikey Weinstein, a graduate of the Air Force Academy and father of two active duty Air Force members, lacked merit.
We all wish him good luck as he begins his retirement from the active duty Air Force.
All subjects were active duty Air Force personnel, Air Force Academy students, or graduates from the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps.
Thule (pronounced "Two Lee") is Latin for "northernmost part of the inhabitable world." The air base is home to hundreds of personnel, including active duty Air Force members, U.S.
About 75 percent of academy instructors are active duty Air Force officers, and this major also volunteers to remain operational and current in his Air Force specialty code as a space satellite operator.
Instead of the traditional squadron comprising 130 permanent-party Air Force members and 30 civilians, I now have more than 300 deployed maintenance and transportation personnel coming from the Air Force Reserve, Air National Guard, and active duty Air Force. Add an additional 85 flying squadron support team members, and you have over 500 troops working around the clock to support the biggest mission the Air Mobility Command has ever seen.
As a privacy advocate, Humanist, and an active duty Air Force officer, I found her thesis weak, but her disdain for the military rang loud and clear.
In 1997, approximately 25% of male and 27% of female active duty Air Force (ADAF) personnel aged 17-64 years were smokers [6].
28 letter, Buterbaugh outlined four initiatives to increase medical readiness across the command including, eliminating the medical ease backlog, removing the mental health requirement differences between the active duty Air Force and Reservists, providing more full-time medical staff to local units and increasing decision-making ability on medical eases at the wing and squadron levels.
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