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ACDUOBLIActive Duty Obligation
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(22) The first report was required to address the actions being taken by DOD to ensure that those being recruited for the armed forces were aware of Stop Loss and the further possibility of being recalled from the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) following their active duty obligation. In response, DOD revised the enlistment contract (23) to explicitly explain Stop Loss and is to provide a briefing on Stop Loss prior to any potential recruit signing the enlistment contract.
Further, the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness administers a program for military spouses who have experienced similar challenges maintaining civilian professional licenses and certifications because of their partner's active duty obligations. Although the focus of that program is on providing assistance to military spouses to acquire new licenses and certifications, military spouses who need to renew their credentials upon relocating, such as nurses, are also eligible.
Also, documentation confirming that active duty obligations resulted in lost hunter preference points is required from a supervising officer.
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