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ADSOActive Duty Service Obligation (US military)
ADSOAir Defence System Operator (India)
ADSOArmy Driver Standardization Office (US Army)
ADSOAssistant District Staff Officer
ADSOAttention Data Search Optimization
ADSOAustralian Defence Simulation Office
ADSOAssistant Division Signal Officer
ADSOAdditional Duty Safety Officer
ADSOApplication Development System/Online (US Department of Homeland Security)
ADSOAIS Domain Security Officer
ADSOArmy Directed Studies Office
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Finally, the three year active duty service obligation incurred is best if not infringed upon by a Soldiers' desire to retire; hence the not more than 17 years TIS.
After graduation, NCP participants join the Navy Nurse Corps as officers and must complete an active duty service obligation.
Officer personnel also have an eight-year Military Service Obligation and generally have an active duty service obligation of three to five years depending on their source of commission.
An active duty service obligation (ADSO) of three days for every day spent in school is incurred by these officers.
section 532 may continue to serve with a Reserve commission, pursuant to applicable provision of policy and completion of mandatory active duty service obligation (ADSO) existing on May 1, 2005, whichever is later.
Warrant Officers incur an active duty service obligation for participating in this program.
Officers will still be required to accept or decline the CCC within 30 days of a request for orders being published according to Army Regulation (AR) 350-100, Officer Active Duty Service Obligations; AR 635-100, Officer Personnel; or AR 635-120, Officer Resignations and Discharges.
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