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ACDUTRAActive Duty Training
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While the K-type airship could carry depth charges and acoustic torpedoes, ordnance delivery was restricted to the annual active duty training, which was usually held at Lakehurst or at NAS Glynco, Ga., home of the Naval Airship Training Unit.
Part of what keeps the unit at strength is the type of active duty training we offer.
After those initial few months of active duty training, you go to a two-week camp each summer, and to weekly drills during the year.
Add to that the extra active duty training they normally contribute, and it is not hard to see why these pilots log about 2,500 hours of support annually and are some of the best fliers in the world.
The course is now a two-phase program, consisting of 76 hours of inactive duty training (IDT) status and 120 hours of active duty training (ADT) status (Figure 1).
Article 2(a)(1) and Article 2(a)(3), therefore, apply to reservists serving on active duty (AD), active duty training (ADT), annual training (AT) and inactive-duty training.
J02 Henck wrote this article during reserve active duty training on the Naval Aviation News staff.
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