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AONApplication-Oriented Networking (Microsoft - Longhorn)
AONAll or None
AONAlways On
AONActive Optical Network
AONActivity on Node
AONAttribute Overlay Network
AONApplication Oriented Networking
AONAll Optical Network
AONAll or Nothing
AONArt of Noise (band)
AONActivity on Node (networking)
AONAs of Now
AONAll Optical Network(ing)
AONActive Optical Network (Marconi)
AONAnterior Olfactory Nucleus
AONApropos of Nothing
AONAirline Operators Association of Nigeria
AONAverage Octane Number
AONAll or Nothing Hosting (webhosting company)
AONAmulet of Necropotence (gaming, Everquest)
AONAngle Off Nose
AONAcademy of Networking (Moscow, Russia)
AONAllstars of Nation (gaming clan)
AONAir Operations Net
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The disadvantage: Passive optical has Less range than an active optical network does.
3]/Polymer/Silica-doped hybrid materials is described, and the relative formulas are derived for analyzing and investigating parametrically and numerically the temperature dependence of the A thermal AWG module for passive and active optical network applications.
An active optical network looks very similar to a passive optical network (PON), however, there are three main differences.
In a summary, we have investigated parametrically and numerically the low loss a thermal arrayed waveguide grating of hybrid materials for suitable applications in passive and active optical networks.
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