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Since 1989, Harvey has been working on the development of EHF active phased-array antenna packaging technology.
Millimeter-wave active phased-array antennas are becoming increasingly important where small and lightweight antennas are required for mobile ground, airborne and spacecraft terminal users.
HS 601 spacecraft incorporating active phased-array antennas will form the 12-satellite medium earth orbit ICO Global Communications constellation.
At a press conference held recently at Raytheon's Advanced Devices Center (ADC) in Andover, MA, company officials revealed that the active phased-array antennas will use the same gallium arsenide monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) technology that the ADC is implementing in the US Army Space and Strategic Defense Command's Ground-based Radar (GBR) program.
A constellation altitude in the range of 1100 to 1500 km provides an optimum altitude for active phased-array antennas for both of these reasons.
An exciting new age of active phased-array antennas has begun using MMIC T/R modules, a technology that enables the production of solid-state T/R modules at a lower cost.
This chip set forms the heart of a module for active phased-array antennas.
Two examples, one using passive circuits and one with active circuits, of high performance microwave hardware are microwave filters and active phased-array antennas.