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ASAXAlto Saxophone (music scores)
ASAXActive Server Page (.net framework)
ASAXActive Server Application Extended
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HTML encryption software such as HTML Guardian can protect HTML code, java scripts, active server pages, style sheets, images, etc., by making it impossible to reuse them if they are downloaded.
From a cache's point of view, Active Server Pages (ASP) are very similar to CGI scripts.
by Microsoft's ASP ("Active Server Pages"), the JSP
A comprehensive workbench application written in both Active Server Pages and JavaServer Pages demonstrates the complete range of functionality available in the APIs.
Microsoft uses Visual Basic Script (vbscript) or Active Server Pages to communicate with each web application.
The product ABT developed, IQ.Student, is based on a series of Active Server Pages that link directly to the PowerCAMPUS SQL Server database.
Following its acquisition by Science Systems in March this year, financial software company Coda has signed 49 new customers with major wins in active server pages (ASP), internet service provider (ISP), e-business and collaborative commerce, and is increasing its development and production staff by 25 percent.
The control also easily integrates into Active Server Pages (ASP) to eliminate the need to download the control on the client side.
It is also a good introduction to Active Server Pages and has plenty of details on setting up web servers and managing them.
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