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ANRAgriculture and Natural Resources (University of California)
ANRActive Noise Reduction
ANRAlpha Natural Resources, Inc. (various locations)
ANRAgence Nationale de la Recherche (France)
ANRAutomatic Neighbor Relation
ANRApplication Not Responding (software)
ANRAgency of Natural Resources (Vermont)
ANRAmericans for Nonsmokers' Rights
ANRAportes No Reembolsables (Spanish: Non-Refundable Contributions; Argentina)
ANRAgency of the Research (France)
ANRApproval Not Required (land division; Massachusetts)
ANRAbnormal (Telabs)
ANRAverage Noise Reduction
ANRApplied Network Research
ANRAdvanced Network Routing
ANRAsociacion Nacional Republicana (Paraguay)
ANRAutomatic Network Routing
ANRAmmonia-to-Nox Ratio (fuels)
ANRAeronautica Nazionale Repubblicana (Fascist Italian Republican National Air Force)
ANRApplied Nursing Research (journal)
ANRAdherent Nerve Root
ANRAlaskan NORAD Region (US DoD)
ANRAdult Nursing Relationship (erotic lactation)
ANRAkkineni Nageswara Rao (indian actor)
ANRAutomatic Noise Reduction
ANRAntwerp, Belgium - Deurne (Airport Code)
ANRAbsolute Neighborhood Retract (topology)
ANRAssociation Neurofibromatoses et Recklinghausen
ANRAccess Node Router
ANRAsociatia Nevazatorilor din România (Romanian)
ANRAtmosphère Normale de Référence (French)
ANRAdiabatic Nuclear Rotation
ANRAverage Net Receivables
ANRAssociation of Neutron Radiographers
ANRArizona Natural Resources, Inc (Phoenix, AZ)
ANRAir Navigation Route(s)
ANRAdrenalNET Radio
ANRAudio Numérique Recherche (French: Digital Audio Research)
ANRAngelina & Neches Railway Company
ANRAverage Number of Runs
ANRAverage Not Ready (call centers)
ANRAssign Net Rekey
ANRAwaiting Number Received
ANRAverage Noise Ratio
ANRAdjusted Net Revenue
ANRAbsolute Natural Resources, LLC (ecological consulting; Arvada, CO)
ANRA-Type Noise Reduction (Dolby cassette technology)
ANRAverage Negative Resistance
ANRAffidavit of No Records
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The effectiveness of the ITH's active noise reduction technology was supported by a study completed in early December 2004 in the engineering psychology department of the U.S.
"The ITH is based on the same active noise reduction technology Bose uses in their consumer headsets," said Claiborne.
"Sound inside the ear is actively cancelled through a process known as active noise reduction," the spokesman explained, adding that while this technology has been used in headsets.
Different augmentation technologies have been incorporated in HPDs that are passive (i.e., without electronics) in nature, including frequency-sensitive, amplitude-sensitive, and uniform (flat) attenuation HPDs, and those that are active (i.e., incorporating electronics) in design, including amplitude-sensitive communications headsets and active noise reduction (ANR) devices.
The system is compatible with all current Army headsets including the improved combat vehicle crewman active noise reduction headset.
The biggest boon, however, came in 1989, with the introduction of the Bose active noise reduction headset, invented by the Framingham, MA-based company best-known for a variety of smartly marketed high-tech home and automotive audio advances.
The company's patented Active Noise Reduction (ANR) earphone, Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) near-field and patent-pending Digital Super Directional Array (DSDA(TM)) far-field microphone technologies are incorporated into a wide range of audio products to eliminate background noise and ensure the optimum performance of voice applications.
For decades, acoustics designers have been developing products with what they call active noise reduction, such as headphones that protect the ears against loud noises or make it easier to hear an in-flight movie on an airplane.
The G3's active noise reduction is rated at 52 dB and we found that the ANR circuitry performed well in our two evaluation aircraft: a Cessna 210 and a Cirrus.
Embraer Aviation headset manufacturer Sennheiser has signed an agreement with Embraer to incorporate its HMEC 26 active noise reduction headsets on its new-build aircraft, including the Phenom and Legacy families, Lineage 1000 and 170, 175, 190 and 195 range of regional jets.
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