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ADLSActive Directory Lightweight Directory Services
ADLSAdvanced Life Sciences Holdings Inc. (Woodridge, IL)
ADLSAdvanced Distributed Learning Service (various organizations)
ADLSAdvanced Distributed Learning System
ADLSAuckland District Law Society (New Zealand)
ADLSAdvanced Disaster Life Support
ADLSActivities of Daily Living Skills (developmental disabilities)
ADLSAir Dispatch Letter Service (UK)
ADLSAeronautical Data Link System
ADLSArmy Distance Learning System
ADLSAdvanced Dispatch Life Support
ADLSadvanced distance learning system
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OTs are often misunderstood as only working in rehab with patients or clients on activities of daily living skills.
Specific recommendations include examination of the feet and footwear, functional evaluation, including activities of daily living skills, and use of adaptive equipment and mobility aids.
Disability was determined by monitoring participants' adult daily living skills (ADLs), such as feeding, bathing, and dressing oneself, and instrumental activities of daily living skills (IADLs)--using the phone, shopping, preparing meals, and housekeeping.
Specific guidelines ensure that individual and group sessions, pre-vocational training and activities of daily living skills are offered and that DAILE, staff collaborate with DOC treatment and security staff as well as with one another.
Designed like an apartment, the home-environment clinic allows patients to practice their activities of daily living skills.
These coping skills consist of activities of daily living skills, vocational skills, leisure time skills, and social or interpersonal skills (Bond, 1995).
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