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ABPPAmerican Board of Professional Psychology
ABPPAmerican Battlefield Protection Program
ABPPActivity-Based Protein Profiling
ABPPAmyloid Beta-Protein Precursor
ABPPAgile Business Process Platform (I2 Technologies)
ABPPAmyloid Beta Precursor Protein
ABPPAlcian Blue Precipitable Polyanions
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We also measured the CES2 activity of the colorectal samples by activity-based protein profiling (ABPP) using a serine hydrolase activity probe fluorophosphonaterhodamine [20].
Furthermore, the molecular assays that can be used to elucidate the mechanism of action include affinity chromatography, activity-based protein profiling, label-free techniques, expression cloning techniques and others (7,18).
Antibody arrays can profile enzyme activities in protein extracts and cell culture supernatants and can provide a convenient platform to evaluate activity-based protein profiling with high sensitivity and specificity and less sample consumption than initial gel-based strategies for assessing the functional state of enzymes.
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