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Of the 47 patients, 31 received 6 mg/kg daptomycin based on actual body weight (actual body weight group) and 16 received 6 mg/kg daptomycin based on adjusted body weight (defined as 0.
7% in the actual body weight group), as was the rate of recurrent bacteria (13% vs.
They found when actual body weight was used in chemo dosing the overall survival was 40 months for non-obese patients and 47 months for obese patients, not a significant difference.
To estimate if the fluid intake is adequate, the rule of thumb used is based on actual body weight following these guidelines:
Herb: I'm not sure if you mean count of members or actual body weight.
Comparison of exposure distributions [combination total (%)] using default point estimates of body weight and actual body weight data.
Previous literature indicates adolescents have difficulty perceiving their actual body weight, with almost one-third of adolescents being unable to appropriately classify themselves as thin, normal, or heavy.
Multiply the wrestler's actual body weight by this factor to determine the minimum wrestling weight.
Hydrophilic, or water soluble, drugs that are distributed into lean body mass should be dosed according to ideal body weight, she said, while dosage for lipophilic, or fat soluble, drugs, which are distributed equally between lean and fat body mass, should be calculated according to actual body weight.
DISCUSSION The major limitation in interpreting results from this study involves the fact that actual body weight and/or body composition were not determined for subjects.