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"If the actual weight gain was higher than predicted, that would suggest that a decrease in physical activity played a role," the expert added.
This study aimed to check the difference between the estimated foetal birth weight on ultrasound during pregnancy and the actual weight at delivery and secondly to see whether ultrasonography underestimate or overestimate the weight of the baby.
"Roadway deliberately prohibits its computer system from decreasing the amount invoiced when the actual weight is less than that stated on the bill of lading," according to the original complaint.
Unless there is a chance that someone out there has been able to obtain a copy of it, and can weigh it for me, I will report back next week on the actual weight.
A online buyers Kashif Amin, who purchased two goats from the online goat market, told that he had been drawn to the online markets due to option of paying a price based on the actual weight of the animal.
Magna scale is a process of determining the actual weight of the shipment less the container weight in order to determine the dutiable weight.
The practice of non-standardized packaging is followed by many exporters, tarnishing the country's image as the weight stated on the box does not conform to the actual weight. As a result, law-abiding exporters are sustaining financial losses.
As of now as the practice of non-standardised packaging is being followed by a huge number of exporters which has led to consequences such as the tarnishing of our country's image as the weight stated on the box does not conform to the actual weight of mangoes inside the box (reflection of dishonesty).
"The process of denuclearization should begin with a declaration where the North describes how many nuclear weapons it has, how much fissile material it has, and actual weight in kilograms and grams of plutonium and highly enriched uranium."
Would readers be happy if you tested a gun and described its weight as heavy or quite heavy and didn't list the actual weight? I devour Guns & Ammo when reading it cover to cover.
There is particular risk for HCQ-induced retinal damage in patients on higher doses (5 mg/kg or greater of actual weight), HCQ exposure over 5 years, or renal, hepatic, or retinal disease, the research team explained.
The millers are accused of paying for less than the actual weight of sugarcane as well as offering only Rs140 per 40 kg compared to the set support price of Rs180 per 40 kg.