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AWTAdvanced Wastewater Treatment
AWTAgence Wallonne des Télécommunications (Belgium)
AWTAbstract Windowing Toolkit
AWTAdvanced Water Technology (Macon, GA)
AWTAvery Weigh-Tronix (Fairmont, MN)
AWTAssociation of Water Technologies
AWTArbeitsgemeinschaft Wärmebehandlung Und Werkstofftechnik (German: Association for Heat Treatment and Materials Engineering)
AWTAdvanced Water Treatment
AWTArmy Welfare Trust (Pakistan)
AWTAverage Water Temperature
AWTAdvanced Windowing Toolkit
AWTAshland Water Technologies (various technologies)
AWTAverage Wait Time
AWTAwaiting Trial
AWTAir Weapons Team (military unit)
AWTAverage Work Time
AWTAtelier du Web Tourangeau (French: Touraine Web Workshop; Tours, France)
AWTAll World Transport (France and Mexico)
AWTAmphibious Warfare Technology (US Marine Corps Systems Command)
AWTAdvanced Weapons and Tactics
AWTAirborne Wideband Terminal
AWTActual Work Time
AWTAutonomous Work Teams
AWTAdvance Witholding Tax
AWTArmy Warrior Tasks (US Army)
AWTAdvanced Wideband Terminal
AWTAssembled, Wired & Tested
AWTAccelerated Wear Testing (heart valve implantation)
AWTAuto Tracing White (balance mode, digital photography)
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As noted, most of the time is queue time, not actual work time, so it is not important to develop different timeframes for short versus long documents.
It has so far taken close to a year's worth of actual work time to build a portfolio of 44 species.
Where it was commonplace for subcontractors to work jobs in both New York and New Jersey, this is no longer economical, due to shifting traffic patterns and difficult commutes that significantly cut down on actual work time, and delay project progress.
The actual work time began and was occasionally interrupted by a variety of demonstrations related to technical problems in using clay: how to roll out and cut a tile, how to shape a face, how to create texture with simple tools.
A user-definable idle mode ensures that only actual work time is invoiced.