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There are other actual and necessary expenses that do not appear to be more important than education expenses.
A comparison between the allowable financial aid given to an NCAA student athlete and the actual and necessary expenses of Bylaw 12.02.4 is instructive.
Such prize money may not exceed actual and necessary expenses and may be provided only by the sponsor of the open event.
Under Bylaw, professional teams may pay current collegiate athletes to attend their camps, up to actual and necessary expenses: In basketball, a student-athlete may accept actual and necessary travel, and room and board expenses from a professional sports organization to attend that organization's predraft basketball camp regardless of the duration of the camp.
A student athlete may receive actual and necessary expenses to attend a camp that allows them to achieve a goal that is not scholastically related, but an athlete cannot receive necessary education expenses in order to ensure their ability to attend an NCAA institution.
The NCAA ruled Kanter ineligible for accepting $33,033 beyond his actual and necessary expenses for participation with Fenerbahce.
(109.) This revision would alleviate the situation in which a prospective student--athlete's eligibility is jeopardized due to a teammate receiving remuneration above actual and necessary expenses, even though the prospective student athlete may be unaware of this arrangement and does not receive more than actual and necessary expenses for participation on the team.
12.02.4(a)(6) (including transportation costs to and from practice in actual and necessary expenses).
12.02.4(a)(3) (including apparel, equipment, and supplies in actual and necessary expenses).
12.02.4(a)(1)-(2) (providing that meals and lodging related to competition and practice are actual and necessary expenses).
12.02.4(a)(3)-(4), (8)-(9) (providing that apparel, equipment, supplies, coaching, instruction, facility usage, and entry fees are actual and necessary expenses).