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ACVAir Cushion Vehicle
ACVApple Cider Vinegar
ACVApple-Cider Vinegar (nutrition)
ACVActual Cash Value
ACVAnalyse du Cycle de Vie (French: Lifecycle Analysis)
ACVArmored Core V (gaming)
ACVAteliers du Cap-Vert (French: Cape Verde Workshops; watercraft producer; Senegal)
ACVAir Control Valve
ACVAlgemeen Christelijk Vakverbond (Belgian Christian Trade-Union)
ACVAttitude (Data) Collection Verification
ACVAustria Center Vienna
ACVArmored Combat Vehicle
ACVAdobe Curves File
ACVAmazing Crystal Vision
ACVAccident Cérébro-Vasculaire (French: Cerebrovascular Accident)
ACVAnnual Contract Value (finance)
ACVAutocovariance (function)
ACVAsian CineVision
ACVAll-Commodity Volume
ACVAntecubital Vein
ACVArtisans Center of Virginia
ACVAlberto-Culver Company (stock symbol; Melrose Park, IL)
ACVAnálisis de Ciclo de Vida (Spanish: Life Cycle Analysis)
ACVAtlantique Concept Voile (French boat rental company)
ACVAutomobil-Club Verkehr Bundesrepublik Deutschland
ACVAnterior Cardiac Vein
ACVApproved Contract Value
ACVAircraft Cockpit Video
ACVAssociation des Commerçants de Vesoul (French: Association of Vesoul Traders; Vesoul, France)
ACVAluminium Center Vlaanderen (Dutch: Aluminum Center Flanders; Flanders, Belgium)
ACVAccess Control Verification
ACVArcata, CA, USA - Arcata/Eureka Airport (Airport Code)
ACVArmored Command Vehicle
ACVAssociation Canadienne de Vexillologie (Canada)
ACVAsser Christelijke Voetbalvereniging (Netherlands)
ACVAlternating Current Voltammetry
ACVAll Commodity Value (business metric)
ACVAt-Completion Variance
ACVArmored Cannon Vehicle
ACVAddress Control Vector
ACVAN/UYS-2 COTS Variant (US Navy)
ACVAlps Cable Vision (Nagano, Japan)
ACVAlfa Club des Volcans (French Alfa Romeo club)
ACVAuxiliary Aircraft Carriers (CVE) (obsolete) (US Navy)
ACVAdministrative Control Value
ACVAccount Current Value
ACVAutomobile Club de Vichy (French: Automobile Club of Vichy; Vichy, France)
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You may disregard the replacement cost loss settlement provisions and make claim under this policy for loss to buildings on an actual cash value basis.
Actual cash value is the preeminent valuation methodology for the 50% FEMA Rule appraisal, as opposed to market value, assessed value, or qualified estimates, because it takes only the subject structure into account, without land value and site improvements.
Reimbursement is generally limited to actual cash value (but is often upgradeable to replacement cost).
According to this condition, if the property is not insured to at least 80 percent of its full replacement cost at the time of loss, the insurer will pay the greater of (1) the property's actual cash value, or (2) the proportion of the cost to repair or replace the lost or damaged property, after application of the deductible and without a deduction for depreciation.
If the insurer chooses to pay the actual cash value or ACV of the damaged or stolen property, such value will be decided as of the time of loss.
The commercial foreclosure policy has vacant, partially vacant and business personal property coverage; three-, six-, nine-, or 12-month policy term options; single-coverage property, single-coverage business liability or a package including both basic (vandalism and malicious mischief) or special perils (includes the basic perils and theft); actual cash value valuation; and deductible, limits of liability and comprehensive options.
Actual cash value (ACV) has three meanings in actual usage:
This was the case in the policy at issue, the court found, because the applications for it--which the homeowners signed--said t hat losses for covered damage would be paid at either replacement cost or actual cash value.
Actual cash value (ACV) is the current depreciated cost.
One tip for building owners is to discern the difference between actual cash value coverage versus replacement value.
An auto loan/lease coverage endorsement provides coverage for a potential gap between the actual cash value of an auto and the amount the insured owes on an auto loan or lease.
smoker) and non-smoker mortality rates, for male insureds, of actual cash value policies.