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Meg jumped up, looking both proud and shy, but `that man', as Jo called him, actually laughed and said coolly, as he kissed the astonished newcomer, "Sister Jo, congratulate us!"
I always clap for those who claim we match and actually laugh about it because we know it is just our chemistry that is good," he said.
It was a treat to see him loosen up and actually laugh, whether in a video that caught him in his most candid self or in his interaction with the show's witty Filipino host, Kring Kim.
"It's nice to have the opportunity before you've finalized the show to find out whether people will actually laugh at your jokes," she says.
When I say I've only ever been around Scotland (where I'm from), people actually laugh and tell me I need to go to Rome or Benidorm, but l just don't want to!
We will not die, no matter how funny the comedy is or how much we actually laugh. Besides, Facebook taught me an enlightening expression "You have a special place in my heart." I would use it especially when I had to have a conversation with an intimate friend who left Korea.
Up until that point, I never understood (and would actually laugh) at the idea our tour guide constantly put in our heads - his repeated narrative of the very emotional and overwhelming feeling of entering the city for the very first time.
It is a fast paced and chaotic animation that although offers several funny one liners, some of which are actually laugh out loud, is an overall forgettable experience.
Actually laugh when your baby bro repeats, "I'd like to be a dentist," a la Hermey from Rudolph, You shouldn't encourage him, WL but the impression is spot-on.
The music was really funny, and I kind of snorted, not wanting to actually laugh. And a bunch of snot came out!
'To read a script and actually laugh out loud as soon as you turn the first page is more unusual than it sounds - and believe me, there are not many actors out there who would say no to a script by John, he's a real perfectionist,' he adds.
People actually laugh at me, God bless them; I'm rather flattered, but there is a limit.