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AAMRAmerican Association on Mental Retardation (now American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities)
AAMRAge-Adjusted Mortality Rate
AAMRAnti-Aging Medical Research
AAMRAcute Antibody-Mediated Rejection
AAMRAfrican American Male Research (Washington, DC)
AAMRAssociation for the Advancement of Medicine by Research (est. 1882; UK)
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There is no evidence of acute antibody-mediated rejection according to the 2015 Banff classification (g0, ptc0, and no C4d deposit by immunofluorescence (not shown)).
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Complement-binding DSA target class 1 HLA on endothelial cells, activate the classic complement cascade, and deliver complement-dependent cytotoxicity in acute antibody-mediated rejection. Complement-nonbinding DSA recruit innate immune cells (NK cells, macrophages, and neutrophils) through Fc receptors and lead to antibody-dependent cellular toxicity.
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In the past, a positive preoperative XM guaranteed cancellation of the transplant However, it was found that the transplanted kidneys of recipients who had a negative preoperative XM, but developed antibodies after the transplant due to a delayed response (acute antibody-mediated rejection), could be rescued (rescue therapy) by removing the offending antibodies from their blood using plasmapheresis.
(1995), in a series of 50 renal transplants, had five develop anti-HLA antibodies that led to acute antibody-mediated rejection in the first week after transplant.
Postoperatively, 10 of the 20 patients developed acute antibody-mediated rejection. In all cases, the acute antibody-mediated rejection was very responsive to additional plasmapheresis/CMV-HG therapy.
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