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AHRUAdolescent Health Research Unit (South Africa)
AHRUAcute Hemorrhagic Rectal Ulcer
AHRUAttitude and Heading Reference Unit
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Thirty-eight acute hemorrhagic rectal ulcer syndrome patients were diagnosed.
Procedures and rebleeding rate Cases Hemostatic procedure, n (%) 8 (21) Band ligation, n 2 Clipping, n 6 Rebleeding after hemostatic procedure, n (%) 2 (25) Figure 2: Pie chart depicting the location of rectal ulcer in 30 of 38 patients with acute hemorrhagic rectal ulcer syndrome (in 8 cases, rectal ulcer location was not described in endoscopy report).
Acute hemorrhagic rectal ulcer is life threatening and it is also an important cause of acute massive hematochezia in patients with severe illness.
Clinical characteristics of acute hemorrhagic rectal ulcer. J Clin Gastroenterol 2001;33:226-8.
Massive hematochezia from acute hemorrhagic rectal ulcer in patients with severe comorbid illness: Rapid control of bleeding by per anal suturing of bleeder using anoretractor.
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