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Ghajar et al., "Surgical management of acute subdural hematomas," Neurosurgery, vol.
Delayed onset of posttraumatic acute subdural hematoma after mild head injury with normal computed tomography: a case report and brief review.
Distribution of radiologic CT findings in patients with head trauma, acute stroke and intracranial tumors Trauma--CT finding (N=1469) n % Skull fracture 339 23.07 Traumatic SAH 321 21.85 Traumatic intracerebral hematoma 70 4.76 Cerebral contusion/laceration 222 15.11 Epidural hematoma 68 4.63 Acute subdural hematoma 356 24.23 Chronic/mixed subdural hematoma 93 6.33 Acute stroke--CT finding (N=597) n % Acute ischemia 286 47.90 Subacute ischemia 66 11.06 Non-traumatic SAH 101 16.92 Intracerebral hematoma 144 24.12 Tumor - CT finding (N=212) n % Primary brain tumor 23 10.84 Meningioma 56 26.41 Metastasis 45 21.22 Unclassifed tumor 88 41.50 CT = computed tomography; SAH = subarachnoid hemorrhage
Delayed post-operative contralateral epidural hematoma in a patient with right-sided acute subdural hematoma: A case report.
Thrombocytopenia could be considered a risk factor for the development of a spontaneous acute subdural hematoma of arterial origin with more rapid and aggressive evolution (4).
Following the paraclinical investigations we established that 12 patients had intracranial lesions, 5 of which were hemorrhagic brain contusions, 3 small subdural blood collections, 2 cases of traumatic subarachnoid hemorrhages, 1 acute subdural hematoma and 1 intraventricular hemorrhage.
CT of the head showed a right acute subdural hematoma. The pressures of the left leg compartments were raised from 80 to 120 mmHg (BP 150/70 mmHg).
Acute subdural hematoma from ruptured cerebral aneurysm.
The differential diagnosis for extra-axial masses on CT is the following: acute subdural hematoma; epidural hematoma; foreign body; meningioma; meningeal metastases; dural sinus thrombosis; cortical venous thrombosis; neurosarcoidosis; lymphoma; tuberculosis; dural A-V fistula; and rarely, extramedullary hematopoiesis; leukemia; venous varix; hemangiopericytoma; and malignant tumor.
Diffuse brain injury complicatd by acute subdural hematoma in the rodents: The effect of early or delayed surgical evacuation.
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