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AURIAgricultural Utilization Research Institute
AURIAcute Upper Respiratory Infection
AURIApplied Urban Research Institute (Kansas City, MO)
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Antibiotic prescribing for nonbacterial acute upper respiratory infections in elderly persons.
Acute upper respiratory infections are the most common human illnesses, affecting almost 25 million people annually in the United States.
Top Ten Reasons for Pediatric Visits Routine child health exams 22.9% Ear infections 6.6% Acute Upper Respiratory Infections 4.6% Acute pharyngitis 3.4% ADD 3.2% Asthma 2.8% Chronic Sinusitis 2.4% Vaccine for a bacterial disease 2.3% Streptococcal throat 1.9% Allergic rhinitis 1.9% (Based on 156.981 diagnoses for visits January-September, 2007 Pediatric News, 12/07
Clinical question Is Echinacea beneficial for the prevention or treatment of acute upper respiratory infections (URIs)?
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