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Unicef calls for the prevention and treatment of acute watery diarrhea and cholera in Yemen.
This could not come at a worse time for the children of Yemen reeling from violence, malnutrition and an outbreak of diseases including acute watery diarrhea and cholera.
CAOn May 5, the ICRC had doubled its budget for Yemen to meet increasing humanitarian demand, but the sudden hike in patient numbers have made hospitals in Sana'a unable to accommodate the large number of patients of Acute Watery Diarrhea.
All the patients in the age group of 6 months to 5 years admitted with acute watery diarrhea and some dehydration as per WHO guidelines were evaluated for enrolment in the study.
Cases were defined as persons [greater than or equal to]5 years of age who were admitted to HAS with acute watery diarrhea, with or without vomiting.
Objective: To determine the frequency of rotavirus infection in children admitted to the Military Hospital Rawalpindi with acute watery diarrhea.
Due to concerns about malnutrition, health promoters have changed their strategy from promoting knowledge on how to prevent acute watery diarrhea to raising knowledge on nutrition.
Cholera is characterized in its most severe form by a sudden onset of acute watery diarrhea that can sometimes cause death by severe dehydration and kidney failure within hours.
Participants: 100 children (ages 2 months to 12 years old) with acute watery diarrhea of mild to moderate severity.
causing a disease known as Cryptosporidiosis, the chief symptom of which is acute watery diarrhea.
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