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ADWGAverage Daily Weight Gain (animal nutrition)
ADWGAustralian Drinking Water Guidelines 2004
ADWGAd Hoc Working Group
ADWGArtificial Dropout Waveform Generation
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Taking another step forward, in 2013, GA resolution A/69/L.29 mandated the Ad Hoc Working Group to make recommendations on the scope, parameters and feasibility of an international instrument under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) to the 69th Session of the GA.
It also created an ad hoc working group to establish a proper framework for interaction between the IPHRC and member states' human rights institutions and civil society organizations.
The energy minister will work with the Environment Ministry on this issue and with an ad hoc working group set up in the Council.
Robert Hsueh, chairman of the airport's board of directors said he will appoint an ad hoc working group, the CEO search working group, to identify the process for finding a successor.
Though the ad hoc working group on the Kyoto Protocol was supposed to be completed yesterday, there were some divergences in some key elements of the proposed amendments by various parties.
An ad hoc working group comprising expert delegates from member states is mulling over the issue but has so far achieved meagre results.
An ad hoc working group has been established in order to find solutions to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions at COP17.
Seizing the opportunity, an ad hoc working group of local activists has devised plans to get the Charlotte City Council to pass a slate of LGBT legislation before the convention arrives next September with at least 30,000 delegates and an international media spotlight.
Regarding nanotechnology, regulators accepted the report of the ICCR Ad Hoc Working Group on "Characterization of Nano-materials," which describes the characterization methods listed in the annex to the Report of the ICCR Joint Ad Hoc Working Group on Nanotechnology in Cosmetic Products: Criteria and Methods of Detection-ICCR-4.
Makhdoom Shahabuddin also reiterated Pakistans proposal for the establishment of a NAM Ad Hoc Working Group for discussing and forging a draft common vision statement on New Multilateralism and the role of the Movement in the 21st Century.
Marshall is part of Just Earth, a small ad hoc working group that in 2009 was asked to develop the resolution on climate change for General Synod.
At the end of May 2010, the EC convened an Ad Hoc Working Group on Omega-3 Claims to discuss this issue, among others.