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AMDCAdvanced Monitor Deflection Control
AMDCAdvanced Micro Distribution Channels (Edison, New Jersey)
AMDCAdult Medical Day Care (various organizations)
AMDCAtomic Mass Data Center
AMDCAdvanced Medical Diagnostic Center
AMDCAdaptive Modulation and Diversity Combining
AMDCAdvanced Manufacturing Development Center
AMDCArmy Missile Defense Command
AMDCApparel Manufacturing Demonstration Center
AMDCAustralian Mycotoxin Data Centre
AMDCAd Majorem Dei Gloriam (Latin: To the Greater Glory of God)
AMDCAutomated Maintenance Data Collection
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Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam - All for the greater glory of the God, is the motto that he has been formed by and lives by.
Only by learning first to dwell in the innermost chamber of our own hearts might we, at length, hope to be able to build again magnificent churches and cathedrals, perhaps even another Hagia Sophia, ad majorem Dei gloriam.
In this vademecum for pastoral leaders, we hear the voice of a shepherd, exuding pastoral sensitivity coupled with competent leadership, guiding God's people to become a genuine local church ad majorem Dei gloriam.
Suivant une vieille tradition universitaire, ceux-ci ont porte sur les recrutements et les promotions--sur les titularisations notamment--, mais nous les avons toujours depasses en quete non d'un compromis, mais d'une issue superieure, d'une sortie par le haut qui satisfit toutes les parties : Ad majorem Dei gloriam, comme disait Michael, le dieu en question n'etant autre que la grandeur de cette universite et de son departement de francais et de philologie romane.
The Jesuits, who never tired of stressing that all their activities were ad majorem Dei gloriam, considered science to be an aspect of their religious mission.
Stephen Brady, an ordinary parishioner in Illinois, started a newsletter, Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam.
No-one would deny that Bach's religious works are spectacular examples of the maxim ad majorem Dei gloriam -- to the greater glory of God.
Inside the letters AMDG (the Jesuit motto ad majorem dei gloriam or to the glory of God) are images of people expressing their Catholic faith in various acts.