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AHNAll Headline News (online news service)
AHNAcademy of the Holy Names (Albany, NY)
AHNAd Hoc Network
AHNArchivo Histórico Nacional (Spanish: National Historical Archive)
AHNAthens, GA, USA (Airport Code)
AHNAIDS Housing Network (New York, NY)
AHNAsian Highway Network (transportation project)
AHNAutisme de Haut Niveau (French: High-Functioning Autism)
AHNAfrican Heritage Network (TV station)
AHNArmy Health Nurse (US Army)
AHNAssigned House Number (address marker; various locations)
AHNAetna Hispanic Network
AHNAllied Health Network
AHNAdenomatous Hyperplastic Nodule
AHNAlgemeen Hoogtemodel Nederland (Dutch: Netherlands General Elevation Model)
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MPRs nodes broadcast inside TC messages links which could establish paths from source to destination, then the set of MPRs creates a kind of backbone in the mobile ad hoc network. Thus, one hopeful subject of routes selection optimization is to sensibly choose MPRs that meet a given necessity to improve the network performance.
VANETs, as a particular case of mobile ad hoc networks, are also characterized by the high mobility of the nodes (vehicles), the scarce or uneven distribution of vehicles, and the limited communication between nodes due to the constraints imposed by the topology of highways and/or urban roads [4].
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MANET (Mobile Ad hoc Network) is a collection of wireless nodes that can form a network dynamically to communicate information without using any pre-defined network infrastructure [1].
The model presented below is based on the truncated geometric distribution, and its purpose is to characterize the available resources in the nodes of an ad hoc network. For that reason, it is necessary to first introduce some definitions regarding probability.
The main feature of the Ad Hoc Networks, referred to by the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) as MANET (Mobile Ad Hoc Network), is that they do not have an infrastructure, and as a result, all network's functions must be carried out by the nodes themselves.
The integrated UMTS and WLAN Ad Hoc network, only ad hoc nodes are capable of operating independently without any fixed infrastructure.
The project of the TLON research group of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia has as a general objective to implement social-inspired behavior in an ad hoc network through agent communities (Zarate-Ceballos, Sanchez-Cifuentes, Ospina-Lopez, & Ortiz-Trivino, 2015).
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It is a temporary wireless network of arbitrary self organized mobile nodes that is why it is viewed as Mobile Ad hoc Network [4].