Ad-IDAdvertising Digital Identification (Charlotte, NC)
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LOUISVILLE, Colorado, June 20, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The EIDR Universal ID solution has recently been featured in three cable and broadcast industry implementations: a CableLabs Alternate Content Interop, the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement's TAXI initiative, and an Ad-ID ad testing partnership event hosted by CableLabs.
By tagging each advertising asset, the most appropriate ad is selected from available inventory and our metadata ensures shared identification of the advertising asset across multiple cable operators," stated Harold Geller, Managing Director, Ad-ID.
We are eager to offer our endorsement of Ad-ID as we continue seeking ways to leverage our operational maturity by partnering with industry innovators.
It was announced today by Greg Smith, general manager of Deluxe Advertising Services, who also serves as chief operating officer of ZONZA, and Harold Geller, chief growth officer of Ad-ID.
Using Ad-ID greatly improves workflow between agency, advertiser, media and their associated vendors, and removes the need for excessive human intervention and mistakes.
It is certainly compelling to witness Ad-ID being embraced by market leaders, such as Mediaplex, to enable agencies and advertisers to reap the full benefit of this ground-breaking eBusiness technology.
This project proves yet again the value of incorporating industry-standard coding mechanisms so that the buyers, sellers and facilitators of electronic media can speak and trade in a common language," Harold Geller, Chief Growth Officer for Ad-ID, added.
Ad-ID is the industry coding standard for identifying advertising assets across all media platforms.
As Ad-ID moves inexorably to be the Lingua franca for all ad assets, the 4A's and ANA believe that the adoption of Ad-ID will reduce friction in the operations, stewardship, and analytics of interactive advertising," said Mike Donahue EVP, Strategic Partnerships, 4A's.
Industry's First Integration Between Ad-ID and Commercial Distribution Platform Eliminates Steps in the Management of Broadcast, and Online Ads.
Geller Managing Director , Ad-ID LLC, and senior vice president Cross-Industry Workflow, 4A's.