Ad6Adenovirus type 6
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In 1961 the VNAF's inventory consisted of Navy AD6s (redesignated A-1s) and F-8Fs, with a small contingent of L-19 spotter aircraft and helicopters--all of them in fair to poor condition.
Finally, Figure 5 shows the urinary TCAA die-off curve for AD6, suggesting an elimination half-life of 2.9 days and an [R.sup.2] of 0.70 for the exponential decay curve.
We assessed time series correspondence between measured TCAA excretion [TCA[A.sub.ex(m)]] and the calculated upper bound for excretion [TCA[A.sub.ex(c)]] for AD2 and AD6 (Figures 6 and 7, respectively).
After 24 h fecal matter was removed with micropipettes, filtered onto filter paper, dried (60 C for 24 h) using a Model 30 GC laboratory oven, and weighed to the nearest milligram (Autobalance AD6, Perkin Elmer).
Although the tonsillectomy operation was popular before this but it was Celsius who carried out first documented tonsillectomy in first century AD6. Tonsillectomy has been a common operation in otolaryngology, with over 1 million tonsillectomies being performed annually in the UK in the 1960's and 70's.
1, ad6: "Tal uso del dinero puede ser licitamente vendido por el hombre".
Air Force or Douglas AD6 attack bombers (later redesignated A-1Hs) obtained from the Navy.